1. For the second episode in our Please please tell me series, we talked to game developers about why they chose video games as their medium of choice.

    We talked to Auriea Harvey (Tale of Tales), Julie Heyde (Bandello), Rami Ismail (Vlambeer), Henrike Lode (Lohika Aps), Michaël Samyn (Tale of Tales), Sos Sosowski and Kelly Wallick (Indie MEGA Booth).

    Music: Ben Fawkes - Indie Disco
    Both music and video are covered by a Attribution-ShareAlike Creative Commons license.

  2. We visited this years A MAZE Indie Connect Festival and talked to some of our favorite game makers about what “good gamedesign” actually is.

    For this video we talked to Adriaan De Jongh, Mikolaj Kaminski, Ed Key, Jan Willem Nijman, Nicklas Nygren and Daniel Rosenfeld.

    Dutch film maker Bram Ruiter helped us out with a second camera.
    David Kanaga pitched in for the music.

  3. We finally managed to get our heads around CSS and launched a website.

  4. We visited this years Eurogamer Expo and these were our impressions from the showfloor.

    Music: SCNTFC - The Moon Grotto 
    Only the video itself is covered by the CC license.

  5. Safari Ducks are a kick ass dutch chip tunes gang who consist of Jan Willem Nijman and Paul Veer. Both of them have worked on a whole lot of games (Jan Willem on Super Crate Box, Radical Fishing; Paul on The Hunger Games iOS, Serious Sam TRE) and make music on their gameboys in their free time.

    We saw them perform at the AMAZE Indie Connect after party at What?! club in Berlin.

    Check their other songs out on their bandcamp

    Music: Safari Ducks - Top of the charts
    Only the video is part of the CC license.

  6. Gamescom is one of the biggest gaming conventions, with up to 275.000 visitors playing the latest games in Cologne each year.
    While most gaming outlets focus on the biggest titles at the show, we took some time to talk to Dennis Wedin from Dennaton Games and Rami Ismail from Vlambeer.
    We talk about their games, Hotline Miami and Super Crate Box, and about what it is like to be an independent developer at a huge convention.

    Music: I come to Shanghai - Love Shark 
    Only the video is part of the CC license.

  7. We are now on facebook and youtube
    New videos are coming very soon 

  8. iamcarneiro:

    And I’m done! Get your free issue of START//SELECT on Friday (Taken with Instagram)

  9. iamcarneiro:

    START//SELECT exhibition - work in progress (Taken with Instagram)

  10. coffeemakescreative:

    Beautiful Weakness is a submission for Daniel Carneiro’s upcoming videogame magazine Start // Select. For the current issue Forests & Fields I decided to re-create the Sigil from Shadow Of The Colossus.

    Art prints of Beautiful Weakness are available on society6.

    (via iamcarneiro)

  12. And here’s the first video!

    We visited this years BigJam at Oberholz in Berlin to talk to its creator Robert Zetzsche and two devs, Laurens de Gier and Rami Ismail, about making games in a café over the course of four days.

    The video above is the short version of the feature, in the magazine it is going to be about 7 minutes long and you can hear the guys go into further detail on making games at a jam.

    Music by: Jim Guthrie - Lone Star

    Only the video part is covered by a CC licence.

  13. Hey there, it’s been a while!

    Uni and an internship robbed all my time for the past year, but I’ve started working on the magazine again, pretty much on the same day that I decided to start this whole thing in the first place.
    Since the magazine is going to be a hybrid of print and digital, video is going to play a substantial role in the zine and I’m quite happy to announce that the first video is done!

    Once I cleared the music for it, there’s going to be a shortish version of it online.

  14. No new magazine news, uni is taking all my time…

    Instead I made this shirt, should it be a thing that gets printed?

  15. Yeeeaaah Holograms!!!!!!!